Monday, May 20, 2013

Fish, footy and fauna!!

It has been a bit quiet through the week but we did some fun stuff this weekend. 

First my hubby went fishing one evening and caught us some yummy tailor and flathead
This is what I imagine they looked like fishing off the beach - I didn't trust my hubby not to let Riki go for a swim so us girls stayed at home and watched a Miyazaki movie - Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind.

This is what it looked like all cooked up for breakfast 

Rosie waiting to see if they are going to get a piece of fish
Riki helped us cook it all up
Whilst we were waiting for the men to come home from fishing we saw some more kangaroos in the back yard. Inspired by another Craftsters great zoom photos (the lovely phoenixfiredesigns) I tried some of my own.

Havin' a scratch
Look at those eyelashes
Seeing how the lychee tree is doing - no fruit until January to mid March :-(

Then on Sunday we got invited by some friends to watch the Sawtell Panthers play the Nambucca Heads Roosters.

It was a great weekend - now back to the working week. We've got a colleagues farewell on Friday night and a girl's movie luncheon in our movie room on Saturday (the girls are bits of comedy-horror fans so Zombieland is on the books!!)

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