Saturday, June 15, 2013

Whales and much more

Well I have some catching up to do!!

Last weekend we had the Queens birthday long weekend which meant a public holiday for all Aussies on Monday 10th June. There's nothing Aussie's love better than a national holiday. We traveled to Yamba and caught up with family and went to a thrift shop fashion parade in which my mother in law was involved. As we were traveling to Yamba we remembered a friend was hiring a houseboat for the weekend and we could probably see them from Brushgrove bridge. 

Sunset at Brushgrove

Houseboat on Clarence River

Then the MadeWith Love markets were on Sunday 9th June - I really wanted to catch up with some of the stallholders and see what else was there. 


Lots of crafty people - photo from internet
Takara Too jewelry and crochet animals - I bought
an Alice in Wonderland locket and deer earrings
Cordelle vintage-inspired jewelry and crochet baskets
Rainbow and Ringlets - gorgeous hand dyed yarn

I also bought 2 pieces of hand dyed vintage lace I will stiffen and turn into necklaces - pictures to come :-). The girls I went with all want to learn how to crochet so in a couple of weeks we will have a crafting day at my place!! 

Then this weekend we drove into town to help friends move some furniture and go out for brunch. I had hummus, avocado, poached eggs and dukkah on sourdough - yum!! On the way home we decided to take a walk down Woolgoolga Beach to see if we could see Buster the shipwreck - and we could. 

This bit is for Anofeles - We also saw a colony of fruit bats - I was a little scared as I had just watched a TV show on a little boy who was the third person to die from Lyssavirus from a bat scratch!!


We took this panorama today!! Love Microsoft ICE stitch software 

As well as a rainbow lorikeet eating some nectar from a bottlebrush. 

Rainbow lorikeet - 
We zoomed in on whales breaching and lobtailing
We then got home and I had a hankering for something sweet so Riki helped me make frozen banana bites - which are segments of banana (locally grown bananas no less) with peanut butter sandwiched in the middle and covered in melted dark chocolate. They are left in the fridge to harden and then - yummo!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little ray of sunshine!!

Well this weekend was a quiet one with no planned activities. But today we decided to drive into town and have some lunch and see if we could score some bargains. I got a Tame Impala CD and the first four Harry Potters on Blu-Ray (already have the last 4). It was pouring rain as we drove in:


On the way home we stopped in at Woolgoolga Headland to see if we could see some whales migrating north. No luck - but enjoyed watching the ocean and surfers. 

Next time we are down there we are going to see if we can get some pictures of 'Buster' a shipreck from 1893 He is only visible at certain times and think he is partially visible at the moment.  
Woolgoolga Headland
Sparring kangaroos - as we were sitting on the headland
I saw these kangaroos sparring down by the beach!!
Then we stopped into our headland for a walk and some more photo opportunities. 
Start of Mullaway Headland walk
Sitting amongst the banksias
(common name 'bottlebrush')
More banksias
Having a rest
Overlooking Mullaway Beach
The sun came out!!
Mullaway Beach
Well back to reality and work tomorrow - and counting down the days to the Made With Love Markets next Sunday. We will also have a drive to Yamba again as well to catch up with family :-)