Thursday, June 21, 2012


Fika! And fika outside nonetheless.
Riki's travels have taken her to the west coast of Sweden. We're currently in Munkedal, far enough from the coast to escape most of the Midsummer madness. My parents in law live here and this is where we will spend the first part of our vacation.

I've told you about fika before... Here comes another very Swedish habit. Eating princess-cake for fika. Any holiday deserves a princesstårta in matching colours. The traditional one is dome shaped, covered in green marzipan and with a pink rose on top.

As you can see they also come in log shape, and in many colours. This was disappointingly enough made with sugarpaste... I'm not crazy about princesstårta, but it's tasty once in a while. One of the bakers at work told me about the cake craze this fall when they were cranking out pumpkin coloured cakes as fast as they could for halloween.

Hopefully we will not get the traditional rainy Midsummer this year, but it looks bleak... We had awesome summer weather today at least, so I'm happy.

Princess-cake behind the danish pastries.
Distracted by yarn... This is going to be a shawl once I wind it all. All 800 meters of it...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mmmmmm... Lavender

I'm not feeling sorry about working the weekend anymore. My days off this week are monday and tuesday plus next weekend, and what a lovely monday it is! In between some much needed cleaning and tidying up I'm relaxing on the balcony. Riki is enjoying the scent of lavender. It refuses to bloom but smells lovely when you touch it.

Lavender. And some pots that might yet sprout something.
Our balcony