Sunday, July 21, 2013

At the beach

This weekend we had a birthday and got to catch up with lots of family. It meant a trip to Yamba which is always gorgeous. 

Today we had a picnic at River Street park off Yamba Bay - the cloud formations were beautiful and everyone had fun playing totem tennis, French cricket and soccer. 

Grevillea "Honey Gem" and bees in the park
Pelicans and Ibis
reminds me of the movie Stormboy
Enjoying the sun!!

Rockpools by Wooli Park


Seaside Sculpture - Furcula 2011
Riki at the rockpools
Yamba Bay

Water birds - pelican, ibis and spoonbill
Bromeliad -  Aechmia "Coral Beauty"

Low tide
More grevillea
In the mangroves - lots of pneumatophores
Hope this weather hangs around for next weekend's music festival - I will however be buying a pair of wellington boots just in case of rain!!

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