Sunday, May 6, 2012

Burgers and barbecue

We really needed to get out of the house yesterday, and we also needed some kind of curtain to give us a bit more shade in the living room and to make it darker in the bedroom. To the hardware store! After deciding on a few different roll down curtains in record time Gustav wanted to take a look at the selection of grills and barbecues. He's plotting an outdoor kitchen on the upstairs balcony... The ones at the hardware store were pretty overpriced so we just looked. Riki found a ridiculously pink one =D

Hubby is dreaming of a barbecue... But perhaps not this one.
After a trip to two different electronic stores that were out of iPads we needed food. I had a plan that involved food, some sightseeing and caching... The Vega grill! We tried their sambal burger, a homemade burger with a bit of spice to it. It was topped with béarnaise sauce and dried onion. Perfectly toasted bun... *droool*

A fun feature was a cabinet with commemorative plates with the names and amount of burgers eaten by the record keepers. I'm far from that gang since I couldn't even finish my one burger.

I've visited the same cache earlier, but I couldn't find it back then. Clever camouflage fooled me last time, but yesterday I spotted part of the mechanism that it hung from so it wasn't hard at all. When I grabbed the cache to log it a woodpecker landed in a tree above. It sat there pecking the whole time, not minding us at all. Log entry with a picture of Riki.
Bad picture of the Vega grill. The first drive in fast food restaurant in Sweden that served hamburgers (or flat meatballs as they were called at first)

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