Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The little things

I've had a few bad weeks lately, mainly because of too much stress. Riki have helped me recover by dragging me out for walks and cache hunts. Oh, and she's helped with everyday things... I've had tons of free time since my doctor told me I should stay at home from work, at least for a while, but not very much energy. It's good to have a bored E.Coli at home. I need to do some things and entertain my guest!

Monday is needle day. Ugh... I had good company however.
Monday night fun... Well, at least I had good company. Every other week it's two needles, and the other weeks it's just one.
Aww... Look who helped me! Riki and my wolverine/sharps container. 
I did some fun things earlier on monday too. Riki helped me find a mystery that I had been puzzling over for a while. There are caches that contain clues in the area and when I had finally found the last one (and found a less than helpful clue) I decided to see what I had so far. It's been fun, since I needed to find out trivia about my newhometown, or part of town. I had to guess one of the numbers for the cordinates so I had two possible places to look. After a lot of walking because of muggles and some strength and stubbornness we found it!

Finally! We found a mystery and Riki helped herself to a gold medal. She also signed the logbook of course.

Today I went back to the doctor and he told me to stay home one more week, but that he thought I could go back to work after that. I think so too and it feels good. A friend kept me company today and we decided to go release some books. There's a cafe in a nearby shopping centre that has a bookshelf with free books so we put the books among them. The regular catch rate (ie. the books you ever hear from again) is about 10% and free bookshelves isn't my "luckiest" location, but I'm sure they will be read and enjoyed even if I never hear about it. After lunch and sneaky book release we decided to walk home from cache to cache. The first one was near a playground.

Riki trying her luck as a captain. The theme of the playground was "everyday heroes" like fire fighters, police, sea rescue service etc.
Interesting swing thing... The top part moves so it works almost as a cross between a swing, a seesaw and a merry-go-round.
We actually found all three caches we were looking for, and we got to see a really neat playground and a beautiful park in the process. This next picture is a weird tree from the park.

Three trees in one!

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