Monday, July 1, 2013

Theatre, trip to Brisbane and crafting

It's been too long since I last posted. I have a bit to catch up on :-)

Hubby bought us tickets to a John Williamson play called "The Club". He remembers studying the play in high school. It's by a well known Australia playwright, David Williamson and is about the internal politics in a football club. I'm usually not big on football but this play was quite interesting and more humorous than I was expecting. It was set in the 70's so it featured the beginning of drug smoking and some male chauvinism - it was fascinating watching people's reactions. 

'The Club' featuring actor John Wood
Then this last weekend I had registered to attend a 2 day workshop on feeding difficulties in children. I see this a lot in my work and it's good to keep up to date with the latest interventions. So we started the trip in rain and it stayed like that for most of the trip. There were some patches of sunshine as we drove past Byron and admired the rolling hinterlands. 

Rain over the sugarcane
Coffees to keep us warm - not all for us!! We were dropping
in on  hubby's parents on our way up

Plantations near Byron Bay
Marker at the New South Wales - Queensland border
Gold coast high-rises
"Such is Life" - Ned Kelly, an Australian bush ranger was
meant to have said this just before he was hanged
Royal Women and Children's Hospital
- where my workshop was held
 And today I had a planned day off but as it was still raining what is a girl to do but some craft.

Rainy outside
Crafting inside
Dress reconstruction inspiration
from Naughty Shorts
I have all these vintage sheets I have collected and inspired by some tutorials I saw on Pinterest and a business called "Naughty Shorts" I am going to turn them into dresses - can't wait to finish them.

And last but not least - Riki helped me buy some cold pressed coconut oil. Apparently it can help brain function - let's see :-)

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