Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today we spent the day at Beamish Museum. It is an open-air museum in County Durham. It's aim is to show what every day life was like in the North East of England during Edwardian and Georgian times.

The first thing we did was catch the tram. It was originally built in 1900 and was restored to full working order.

We made our way to the old farm house where a rather large pig jumped up to say hello.

Outside the farm house sat an old Newcastle Brown Ale delivery truck.

We went inside the farmhouse and Ricki had a look round the kitchen but decided that she couldn't cook in there.

Then we made our way over to the rail station and we found an old steam roller.

The steam locomotive made an appearance. It was originally built here in Newcastle in 1889 and now takes passengers for a short ride. We were invited inside the locomotive and rode in front of the coal burner and it was very very hot!

Along from the rail station is the main town which is modeled after an early 1900s town. It includes many businesses you'd have found during the period including a sweet shop, a dentist, a solicitor, a bank, a cooperative, a print shop and a masonic hall.

It also has a lot of traditional advertisements

Ricki tried making a withdrawal at the bank but didn't have any luck.

Outside town in the park there was a fair going on which included a steam powered carousel.

Ricki took a few minutes pretending she was Dr. Who

And we had a fun time watching the goats run around the field.

And a horse came up to say hello. I think he though Ricki smelled like food.

By the end of the day we were feeling very tired. We did a lot of walking all over the 300 acre museum.

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